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Flat Screen technology has finally advanced to the point where small and medium size retail outlets can achieve, professional, eye catching displays motion at a very affordable price.

Featuring any product or limited time offer in a store window or behind a counter has never been this captivating and easy. Today, having multiple screens and even creating  video walls can be done at a reasonable rate. Content update is as easy as replacing a USB stick at the back of the screen.


We offer a Custom Case Study:

- Preview: Initial case study will provide the shop with a video preview showing how the screens will be displayed in the specific store. This will give a suggestion of the style of the visual content unique for every location and product. It will specify the  screen sizes and retailers price.

- Positioning: Where these screens should be placed for maximum visual impact and what screens should be purchased and mounted.

- Production: We produce the visual, video sequence that will play on the screens in a continuous loop.

- Post-production: We encode these visual sequences and deliver them on a USB stick. The store staff's only duty is to turn the monitors on and off or run them on a timer, ideal for in restaurants, fast food shops, and grocery store. 


Quick pricing reference:


- Cost of case study                 $  1000.00      deductible from consecutive project prices

- Cost of screens will vary depending on the size and number of screens. This will be specified in the case study and will be purchased by the client directly from a retailer

For example:  BestBuy`s  LG 55`4k UHD HDR LED webOS 3.5 Smart TV 55UJ6300 - black.

 3 screens 55' each will cost around $  1500.00

-Cost of production of visual content will depend on the creative and the content.

It will be shot at the store or in a studio. A creative presentation will be made for the individual clients and an appropriate budget approved. The cost of  the initial case study will be deducted in the first 10 sequences. As an example the cost of a simple food sequence presenting  5 featured food dishes prepared and styled by the client shot at the store can  be as low as  

$ 2000.00 edited and delivered.